About Me

Hey everyone! My name is Dillon but I go by Dillonzer on every social media platform. I'm a .NET Full Stack Developer (mainly back-end) and huge into the Pokémon Trading Card game. I'm currently on the Karpe deez Rats team with many people you most likely know like AzulGG, Mellow_Magikarp, Sacksack17, and more! I'm also the local organizer for the small league in my city. I felt the Pokemon TCG community was missing a lot of valuable tools in regards to Discord and Twitch.. so I went and made them! I started off utilizing the Pokémon TCG API ( https://pokemontcg.io/ ) but then realized it was missing some functionally and truly wasn't open source so I created my own API that I use for all my projects. I'd love to open source it but I currently have to pay for it and do not have the funds to increase bandwidth for it if I do open it up to the public. Maybe sometime in the future. Hope you enjoy using my products and hope to see you around in Discord or Twitch! Maybe even real life events (if they ever come back...)